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Bolt Threads is a pioneering material solutions company focused on developing innovative and sustainable materials for the fashion and beauty industries. Utilizing cutting-edge biotechnology, Bolt Threads creates textiles and biomaterials such as Mylo™, a mushroom-based leather alternative, and Microsilk™, a synthetic silk inspired by spider silk. The company collaborates with leading brands to enhance sustainable practices and minimize environmental impact.

Founded: 2009

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Bolt Threads Company Overview

Founded with the vision of harnessing nature's genius to create revolutionary materials, Bolt Threads stands at the forefront of biotechnology in the fashion and beauty sectors. This innovative company has made significant strides in the development of bioengineered fabrics and materials, which include Mylo™ and Microsilk™. Mylo™ is a sustainable leather alternative made from mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms. This material offers the luxurious feel of leather without the environmental burden of traditional animal leathers. Notably, Mylo™ has captured the attention of major brands such as Adidas and Stella McCartney, marking a significant shift towards sustainable fashion. Another groundbreaking material from Bolt Threads is Microsilk™, a protein-based fiber designed to mimic the properties of spider silk. This product is not only remarkable for its durability and resilience but also for its sustainable production method, which involves fermentation processes that use sugar, water, and yeast. Microsilk™ represents a major innovation in textile manufacturing, providing a biodegradable alternative to synthetic fibers. The company was co-founded by Dan Widmaier, David Breslauer, and Ethan Mirsky, whose diverse expertise in biochemistry, genetics, and engineering fueled the development of these advanced materials. Their work emphasizes collaboration with other brands and researchers to push the boundaries of what's possible with biomaterials. Bolt Threads' commitment to sustainability extends beyond product development. Their manufacturing processes are designed to reduce waste and energy use, aiming to set new standards for environmental responsibility in the textile industry. By redefining the building blocks of fabrics and materials, Bolt Threads not only innovates but also inspires a shift towards more ecological and sustainable industrial practices.

Management Team

Dan Widmaier, Ph.D. Founder, CEO
David Breslauer Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Officer
Sue Levin Chief Commercial Officer
Ethan Mirsky, Ph.D. Co-Founder, Vice President Strategic Projects

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