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Bloomreach is a leading provider of digital commerce experiences, offering advanced solutions for marketing automation, content management, and product discovery. Their platform leverages AI to enhance e-commerce personalization, optimizing customer journeys across multiple channels to drive revenue growth and customer engagement. Targeting industries like retail, travel, and hospitality, Bloomreach serves as an essential tool for marketers, merchandisers, and commerce teams seeking to deliver seamless and personalized online shopping experiences.

Founded: 2009

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Bloomreach Company Overview

Founded with a vision to revolutionize digital commerce through intelligent automation and personalized customer experiences, Bloomreach has established itself as a key player in the e-commerce technology sector. Their suite of products includes powerful tools for marketing automation, search intelligence, and headless content management, all designed to operate seamlessly across various digital platforms. Bloomreach's flagship product, the Bloomreach Experience Platform (brX), integrates customer and product data to provide real-time personalization across email, SMS, apps, and web interfaces. This platform is powered by their proprietary AI, Loomi, which is specifically tailored for commerce applications. Loomi's capabilities enable businesses to optimize key performance indicators and enhance customer engagement through data-driven insights and automated decision-making processes. In addition to its technological offerings, Bloomreach focuses on maximizing revenue through advanced search and merchandising tools. These include personalized search features, AI-driven product recommendations, and robust merchandising strategies that adapt dynamically to consumer behavior and market trends. Their headless CMS solution facilitates agile content management and experience delivery, allowing businesses to build and manage dynamic e-commerce sites with ease. Bloomreach also emphasizes the importance of integration, offering extensive support for popular commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, and Salesforce. This approach ensures that businesses can deploy Bloomreach’s capabilities quickly and scale efficiently as they grow. Serving a wide array of industries, including fashion, beauty, and food and beverage, Bloomreach is trusted by global brands to enhance their online presence and achieve substantial business outcomes. Through continuous innovation and a commitment to customer success, Bloomreach remains at the forefront of the digital commerce landscape, helping companies around the world create more engaging and profitable online shopping experiences.

Management Team

Raj De Datta CEO, Co-founder
Darren Johnson Head of Sales
Will Uppington Head of Product
Brian Walker Chief Strategy Officer

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