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Blockdaemon is a leading blockchain infrastructure platform that offers a comprehensive suite of services, including node management, staking solutions, and wallet integration. Designed for financial institutions, exchanges, and crypto-native companies, Blockdaemon ensures secure and efficient blockchain operations with 99.9% uptime and extensive protocol support.

Founded: 2017

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Blockdaemon is a prominent provider of blockchain infrastructure, offering an array of services such as node management, staking solutions, and digital asset wallets. The company aims to facilitate seamless and secure blockchain operations for various clients, including financial institutions, crypto exchanges, and blockchain-native firms. Its core offering, daemonOS, acts as the backbone of Blockdaemon's product suite, enabling high-quality node operations, staking infrastructure, and MPC (multi-party computation) technology. Blockdaemon supports over 40 blockchain protocols, providing extensive integration capabilities for both public and private networks. The platform ensures 99.9% uptime and is compliant with ISO 27001 standards, emphasizing security and regulatory adherence. Key products include institutional-grade wallets that combine self-custody with security, liquidity, and compliance features, as well as staking services that allow users to earn rewards through a single, streamlined platform. The company's node services cater to institutional needs, offering custom APIs and nodes-as-a-service to build scalable blockchain solutions. With over 150,000 nodes deployed, Blockdaemon grants access to major blockchains, facilitating efficient data and value transfer. Additionally, Blockdaemon provides real-time data monitoring, transaction broadcasting, and historical blockchain data retrieval, supporting comprehensive blockchain business solutions. Blockdaemon's founding team includes industry experts committed to advancing blockchain technology and infrastructure. The company’s robust customer support, available 24/7, ensures clients receive timely assistance, further enhancing the reliability and efficiency of its services. Through its innovative solutions, Blockdaemon continues to drive the growth and adoption of blockchain technology across various industries.

Management Team

Konstantin Richter CEO and Founder
Cecily Mak Chief Operating Officer
Geoff Clauss Chief Revenue Officer
Chris Sharp Chief Technology Officer

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