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BlaBlaCar is a leading global community-based travel network, enabling millions to find affordable and convenient transportation options. Specializing in carpooling and bus services, BlaBlaCar connects passengers with drivers who have empty seats, offering a variety of routes across numerous countries at competitive prices.

Founded: 2006

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BlaBlaCar Company Overview

Founded in 2006 in Paris, France, BlaBlaCar emerged from a simple idea: utilizing empty car seats by connecting drivers traveling long distances with passengers heading the same way. This concept has since revolutionized the way people travel across regions economically and environmentally. BlaBlaCar’s platform fosters a shared economy, reducing travel costs and carbon emissions by maximizing vehicle occupancy. The name "BlaBlaCar" is derived from the range of preferred talking levels passengers can select, from "Bla" for less talkative to "BlaBlaBla" for those who enjoy more conversation, reflecting the social nature of community travel. As of today, the service boasts over 90 million members and is active in 22 countries, including major markets in Europe, Latin America, and India. The platform operates by allowing drivers to post available seats for a planned trip, setting their price within the suggestions provided by BlaBlaCar’s algorithm which considers distance, demand, and local economic conditions. Passengers can search for rides that fit their schedule and book a seat online, making payments through the platform which ensures secure transactions and trust among users. The company has also expanded into bus travel, acquiring Ouibus in 2018, and rebranding it as BlaBlaBus, which operates bus routes across Europe, further diversifying its transportation offerings. The acquisition complements its carpooling service by providing another cost-effective travel option for longer routes that might not be as popular for carpooling. The founders, Frédéric Mazzella, Francis Nappez, and Nicolas Brusson, have nurtured BlaBlaCar with a vision of making travel more accessible and sustainable. They continue to lead the company towards expansion, exploring innovative solutions to mobility challenges while fostering a community of users who share a commitment to a more connected and sustainable world. BlaBlaCar’s success can be attributed to its user-friendly platform, robust community engagement strategies, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability, making it a preferred choice for budget and environmentally conscious travelers worldwide.

Management Team

Frédéric Mazzalla Founder & President
Nicolas Brusson CEO & Co-Founder
Francis Nappez CTO & Technology Advisor to the CEO
Beatrice Cossa-Dumurgier COO
Sylvain Gaboriaud Chief Digital, Marketing & Commercial Officer

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