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Bilt Rewards is an innovative platform that allows individuals to earn rewards on rent payments without any fees. It integrates seamlessly with major loyalty programs, providing users with a unique opportunity to convert their largest monthly expense into valuable points that can be used for travel, fitness, shopping, and more.

Founded: 2021

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Bilt Rewards Company Overview

Founded as a solution to monetize one of the largest yet overlooked expenses — rent — Bilt Rewards provides a seamless mechanism for tenants to earn points on their rent payments, free of charge. The platform partners with some of the biggest names in real estate to facilitate this process, ensuring broad accessibility for a significant number of renters. Additionally, Bilt Rewards has formed alliances with major loyalty programs across various industries including travel, retail, and fitness, enhancing the utility of its points system. This allows renters to convert rent into travel miles, merchandise, or even fitness classes, maximizing the potential benefits of their monthly expenditures. The founders of Bilt Rewards, recognizing the untapped potential in the rental market, aimed to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem for tenants and property owners. By incentivizing timely rent payments through a rewards system, they not only assist renters in managing large expenses more effectively but also stabilize revenue streams for landlords. This innovative approach has positioned Bilt Rewards uniquely in the fintech space, appealing strongly to private investors interested in cutting-edge solutions in real estate and financial services. The platform’s user-friendly interface and robust reward options make it an attractive choice for forward-thinking investors and everyday consumers alike.

Management Team

Ankur Jain Founder and CEO
Daniel Seder COO
Zoe Oz Chief Marketing Officer
David Wyler Chief Growth Officer
Erick Rabin General Counsel

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