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Beyond Identity offers innovative cybersecurity solutions focusing on passwordless authentication and device security. Their products aim to enhance user access security by integrating advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and device compliance checks, creating a more secure and user-friendly authentication experience across various platforms.

Founded: 2020

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Beyond Identity provides cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions specializing in eliminating passwords from the authentication process, thereby reducing the risks associated with stolen or reused credentials. Their core product suite includes 'Secure Workforce' and 'Secure Customers', designed for Zero Trust environments, and 'Device360', which offers comprehensive visibility into device security posture. Beyond Identity's approach is rooted in a philosophy that emphasizes the elimination of passwords and the implementation of robust, phishing-resistant Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Their solutions are crafted to verify user identities and the security compliance of devices in real-time, ensuring that only authenticated and compliant devices can access corporate resources. This methodology supports organizations in meeting stringent cyber insurance and compliance requirements while protecting against modern phishing and Man-in-the-Middle attacks. The company also integrates with existing security infrastructures to provide ongoing risk assessment and anomaly detection, bolstering organizational defenses against evolving cybersecurity threats. Their strategic partnerships and integrations with other technology and security firms further extend the utility and applicability of their solutions across diverse IT environments.

Management Team

Jim Clark Co-Founder
Jasson Casey Chief Executive Officer
Ashwin Rana Chief Solutions Architect
Kurt Johnson Chief Strategy Officer
Jonathan Shapira Chief Legal Officer & Head of People

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