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Bevi offers innovative, eco-friendly water dispensers for offices and commercial spaces. These machines provide customizable still and sparkling water with a variety of natural flavors, promoting hydration and sustainability by eliminating plastic bottle waste. Bevi’s smart dispensers are designed for convenience, using filtered tap water and featuring touchless dispensing options.

Founded: 2013

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Bevi aims to transform hydration in workplaces and commercial spaces with its cutting-edge water dispensers. Bevi's mission is focused on sustainability, aiming to reduce plastic waste through its bottleless water solutions. The dispensers connect directly to a building's water source, offering a continuous supply of filtered still and sparkling water. Users can personalize their drinks with a variety of natural flavors and enhancements like vitamins, caffeine, and electrolytes. Bevi's product line includes the Standup 2.0 and Countertop models, designed to integrate seamlessly into different environments. The Standup 2.0 is suitable for high-traffic areas, while the Countertop model provides a sleek, minimalist design with hidden plumbing. Both models feature smart technology, allowing for remote diagnostics and seamless updates to ensure optimal performance. Bevi is committed to promoting healthier beverage options while adhering to modern environmental standards. By eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles, Bevi dispensers have significantly reduced plastic waste. The company has prevented the disposal of hundreds of millions of plastic bottles, underscoring its impact on environmental conservation. The company's dedication to using natural ingredients ensures that every beverage is free from artificial flavors and sweeteners, supporting a healthier lifestyle. Bevi continues to expand its offerings, introducing new flavors and rental programs for events, making sustainable hydration accessible to a wider audience. Overall, Bevi's innovative approach to hydration not only supports environmental sustainability but also provides convenient, customizable, and healthy beverage options for workplaces and commercial spaces. Through its advanced technology and commitment to quality, Bevi is redefining the way people think about hydration and its impact on the environment.

Management Team

Sean Grundy Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Ben Holstein Chief Operating Officer
Joseph Titlow Chief Product Officer

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