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BetterUp is a pioneering platform specializing in coaching and mental wellness, integrating AI technology to offer personalized development journeys for both individuals and organizations. They provide a variety of coaching services aimed at enhancing leadership, performance, and personal growth, focusing on resilience, agility, and well-being to drive measurable business outcomes and individual well-being.

Founded: 2013

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BetterUp Company Overview

Founded in 2013 by Alexi Robichaux and Eduardo Medina, BetterUp emerged as a response to the growing need for personal and professional development through accessible, scalable coaching solutions. Based in San Francisco, the company has quickly distinguished itself as a leader in the field of personalized coaching, utilizing AI to tailor its programs to individual and organizational needs. The core of BetterUp’s offering is its range of coaching services. These include BetterUp Lead, which focuses on developing leadership skills to enhance team performance and engagement; BetterUp Manage, which leverages AI to offer curated growth journeys for managers; and BetterUp Care, aimed at building resilience and well-being across an organization. These products are designed to integrate seamlessly into existing business systems, promoting sustainable growth and transformation. BetterUp’s approach is data-driven, anchored in psychological research and cognitive behavioral science. The platform boasts a robust AI framework that not only pairs individuals with ideal coaches but also provides ongoing, real-time guidance tailored to the user's specific development needs. This method has proven effective in driving behavior change and improving performance both for individuals and at an organizational level. Key to BetterUp’s success is its extensive network of over 4,000 certified coaches globally. These professionals bring a diverse range of expertise, allowing BetterUp to offer coaching in areas such as career advancement, communication, and life coaching. Each coach is selected through a rigorous process, ensuring they meet the high standards BetterUp sets for its services. The company's impact is evidenced by its alliances with a variety of major corporations, underscoring its ability to significantly enhance workforce performance, leadership development, and employee satisfaction across diverse industries. BetterUp’s research arm, BetterUp Labs, continues to explore the frontiers of workplace well-being and effectiveness, further cementing its position as an innovator in the coaching industry. As BetterUp continues to expand, its commitment remains clear: to empower individuals to lead more fulfilling lives and to help organizations foster a culture of growth and innovation. Through its sophisticated blend of human expertise and cutting-edge technology, BetterUp is setting new standards in the development of human potential.

Management Team

Alexi Robichaux Co-Founder, CEO
Vinh Le CFO
Eduardo Medina Co-Founder, COO
Ryan Sonnek CTO
Cindy Goodrich CMO, Chief Brand Officer
Gabriella Kellerman MD Chief Innovation Officer, CPO

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