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Bespoke Post is a subscription service providing themed boxes filled with unique and meticulously selected products, tailored towards enhancing the modern man's lifestyle. With a focus on supporting small businesses, Bespoke Post offers a diverse range of items from grooming products to barware, all delivered monthly to subscribers. The service prides itself on flexibility, featuring easy returns, free exchanges, and no long-term commitments, making it a popular choice for those looking to discover new and interesting products.

Founded: 2011

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Bespoke Post Company Overview

Founded in New York City, Bespoke Post is a unique subscription service designed to elevate the lifestyles of men by delivering a monthly "Box of Awesome." Each box is themed and filled with an array of products sourced primarily from small, lesser-known brands, promoting discovery and support of these businesses. Bespoke Post has purchased a substantial amount of goods, valued in the hundreds of millions, from small, independent brands. This significant investment supports and promotes these smaller companies, contributing to their growth and visibility in the market. Bespoke Post tailors its offerings to individual preferences determined through member feedback, ensuring that the contents of each box are both surprising and satisfying. Members have the flexibility to preview each month's box and can decide whether to receive it, swap it for another box, or skip the month entirely without any penalties. This customer-centric approach enhances user satisfaction and retention. The company's product range is vast and varied, covering categories such as outdoor gear, grooming products, culinary tools, and unique lifestyle items like specialized barware and handcrafted leather goods. The items are not only functional but often introduce subscribers to new hobbies and experiences. In addition to the subscription boxes, Bespoke Post operates an online store where both members and non-members can purchase products directly. This shop extends the company's commitment to quality and uniqueness, stocking items that are difficult to find elsewhere. Bespoke Post also engages in various initiatives to support small businesses beyond just sourcing their products. These initiatives strengthen community ties and foster a sense of responsibility, which resonates well with their customer base, who values both quality and ethical considerations in their purchases. With a strong emphasis on quality, customer service, and community support, Bespoke Post has established itself as a leading subscription service that delivers not just products but also values and experiences to its users.

Management Team

Rishi Prabhu Co-Chief Executive Officer
Steven Szaronos Co-Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Lamberton Chief Financial Officer
Alvaro Rocha Chief Marketing Officer
Jared Hales Chief Technology Officer

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