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BeReal is an innovative social media platform that revolutionizes how people share and connect online by promoting authenticity and spontaneity. It invites users to capture and share unfiltered moments of their daily lives with their network, fostering genuine interactions free from the curated and often inauthentic portrayal common on traditional social media sites.

Founded: 2020

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BeReal Company Overview

Founded to counter the often artificial and highly-curated nature of traditional social media, BeReal offers a unique approach to online social interactions. It prompts users at random times each day to share a photo within a two-minute window, capturing whatever they are doing in that moment. This feature aims to cultivate a space for authentic expression and genuine connections, emphasizing real-life experiences over constructed online personas. BeReal's design discourages the typical performative aspects of social media by limiting the editing features available and focusing on real-time posting. This fosters an environment where users feel less pressure to present a perfect image and more freedom to share their true selves. The platform has quickly gained popularity, particularly among younger audiences who are seeking more meaningful social interactions online. Its straightforward, user-friendly interface complements its mission by making it easy for users to engage with the app’s core features without distraction.

Management Team

Alexis Barreyat Founder
Kevin Perreau Founder
Romain Salzman COO
Andrea Mach di Palmstein Head of Growth

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