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Beautycounter is a personal care brand dedicated to safer, high-performing beauty products. The company advocates for ingredient transparency and higher safety standards. Their extensive product range includes skincare, makeup, and men's grooming items, formulated without harmful chemicals.

Founded: 2013

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Beautycounter Company Overview

Beautycounter is a trailblazing personal care brand committed to creating safer and high-performing beauty products. The company's mission is to revolutionize the beauty industry by advocating for greater transparency in product ingredients and adhering to higher safety standards. The company is renowned for its stringent ingredient selection process, banning thousands of harmful or questionable chemicals commonly used in the industry. Beautycounter offers a diverse range of products, including skincare, makeup, bath and body items, and men's grooming products. Each product is meticulously formulated to meet rigorous safety criteria without compromising on performance. This commitment to safety and efficacy is a core tenet of the brand, ensuring that consumers can trust the products they use daily. In addition to product innovation, Beautycounter is a strong advocate for industry-wide regulatory changes. The company actively partners with organizations and policymakers to push for stricter safety regulations in the beauty industry. This advocacy work is a significant aspect of Beautycounter's mission, aiming to protect consumers from potentially harmful ingredients. Through its dedication to both product excellence and industry reform, Beautycounter has established itself as a leader in the movement for safer beauty. The brand continues to make a significant impact on consumer health and the broader beauty market by prioritizing transparency, safety, and performance in all its offerings.

Management Team

Gregg Renfrew Founder, CEO
Bree Pastalaniec Vice President of Retail
Linda Simon Chief Human Resources Officer
Michael McGeever Chief Merchandising, Marketing & Product Officer
Xavier Ormancey Head of Product Development
Blair Lawson Chief Merchandising & Marketing Officer

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