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Bear Robotics is a pioneering force in the hospitality industry, leveraging cutting-edge robotics technology to enhance service efficiency and customer experience. Their flagship robots, like Servi, are designed to automate mundane tasks, allowing human staff to focus on more engaging customer interactions.

Founded: 2017

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Founded in 2017 and based in Redwood City, California, Bear Robotics has carved a niche in the hospitality sector with its innovative robotic solutions aimed at improving operational efficiencies in restaurants, hotels, and other service environments. The company was born from the practical insights of John Ha, a former restaurant owner and Google engineer, who recognized the potential of robotics in alleviating the burdens of repetitive tasks on service staff. Bear Robotics’ signature product, Servi, along with its variants Servi Plus and Servi Lift, are autonomous robots capable of performing tasks such as food delivery and dish collection. These robots are equipped with advanced sensors and navigation technology to safely maneuver around people and obstacles, making them ideal for busy and dynamic environments. The Servi Plus model offers enhanced capacity and is particularly suited for high-demand situations, featuring an upgraded suspension system for smoother operations. Beyond the hardware, Bear Robotics emphasizes a synergy between human workers and machines, aiming to enhance rather than replace human jobs. Their robots are designed to handle lower-value tasks, thus enabling staff to focus on customer service and interaction, which adds a human touch to hospitality experiences. This approach not only increases efficiency but also helps in improving the overall customer experience by reducing wait times and optimizing service delivery. The company has expanded its reach globally with offices in South Korea, Ireland, and Singapore, reflecting its growing influence and the broad applicability of its technology in diverse markets. Bear Robotics also maintains a robust partnership network to foster adoption and integration of their solutions across various hospitality venues worldwide. Bear Robotics stands at the forefront of the intersection between technology and hospitality, providing innovative solutions that streamline operations while enhancing the human aspects of service. Their development and deployment of autonomous service robots represent a significant advancement in how hospitality businesses can leverage technology for operational excellence and improved customer satisfaction.

Management Team

John Ha Co-Founder and CEO
Juan Higueros Co-Founder and COO
Fangwei Li Co-Founder and CTO

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