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Babylist is a comprehensive baby registry platform that allows parents to add items from any store, ensuring they get everything they need. It offers expert-vetted guides, curated product selections, and helpful tools like an interactive checklist. Babylist also provides health and wellness resources, including free breast pump orders through insurance.

Founded: 2011

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Babylist is a pioneering baby registry platform designed to streamline the process for expectant parents by enabling them to create a single registry that includes items from multiple retailers. This flexibility allows parents to choose the best products from various sources, ensuring they get everything they need. The platform provides an extensive product range, including clothing, nursery essentials, and gear, all curated and tested by real parents. Babylist also offers a variety of expert guides, covering crucial topics such as the best strollers, high chairs, and what to pack in a hospital bag. The platform’s interactive checklist is a standout feature, helping parents stay organized and ensure they don't miss any essentials. Babylist also emphasizes health and wellness by facilitating free breast pump orders through insurance and offering resources on fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum care. The company's commitment to providing reliable, expert-backed advice has earned it a dedicated user base, with millions of families relying on its services. Babylist continues to innovate by expanding its offerings and enhancing its user experience, making it a trusted companion for parents-to-be. Its community-centric approach and dedication to supporting growing families are evident in its comprehensive resources and user-friendly platform, making Babylist a top choice for modern baby registries.

Management Team

Natalie Gordon CEO, Founder
Sonya Brown General Partner, Co-Head of Growth

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