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Axiom Space is a pioneering company in commercial spaceflight services and the development of human-rated space infrastructure. They lead in operating missions to the International Space Station (ISS) and are actively developing the Axiom Station, the proposed successor to the ISS. Additionally, Axiom Space is innovating in the design of advanced spacesuits for missions to low-Earth orbit, the Moon, and beyond.

Founded: 2016

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Founded by space industry veterans, Axiom Space is at the forefront of expanding human presence in space through commercial means. They offer comprehensive spaceflight services, including crewed missions to the ISS, and are developing the Axiom Station, envisioned as the first commercial space station. This endeavor includes collaborations with international space agencies and industry giants to construct the station's core modules. Axiom Space's innovation extends to designing next-generation spacesuits, branded as AxEMU, for enhanced performance in extravehicular activities across various celestial bodies. The company's vision extends into enabling extensive research and manufacturing capabilities in orbit, leveraging microgravity conditions that benefit material and biological sciences. The leadership team comprises industry-leading experts who bring decades of experience from NASA and other aerospace endeavors, ensuring Axiom Space remains at the cutting edge of technology and safety in human space exploration. Their operational approach is designed to not only continue access to the ISS but also to lay the groundwork for future commercial infrastructure in space, making Axiom Space a key player in shaping the next era of space exploration.

Management Team

Kam Ghaffarian Co-Founder and Executive Chairman
Michael Suffredini Co-Founder and CEO
Matt Ondler President and CTO
Dr. Mary Lynne Dittmar Chief Government & External Relations Officer
Mike Lungariello CFO
Tejpaul Bhatia CRO
Derek Hassmann Chief of Mission Integration and Operations
Rex Walheim Chief Safety Officer
Michael López-Alegría Chief Astronaut

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