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Aurora Solar is a pioneering provider of solar design software, recognized globally as a leader in the industry. The platform empowers solar professionals by offering advanced tools for precise photovoltaic design and sales enhancement. Aurora Solar integrates cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline solar installations, increase sales efficiency, and improve the overall customer experience.

Founded: 2013

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Aurora Solar Company Overview

Founded with the vision to accelerate solar energy adoption worldwide, Aurora Solar has become the foremost choice for solar professionals seeking robust and precise design tools. The company, headquartered in San Francisco, was established by former solar engineers who recognized the challenges in scalable solar deployment due to the lack of efficient design tools. This insight led to the development of Aurora’s solar design software, which uniquely combines several critical features such as 3D modeling, photometric analysis, machine learning, and real-time shading analysis. Aurora’s software suite is designed to facilitate the entire solar project lifecycle, from initial customer acquisition through installation. Its platform includes tools for automated system design, performance simulation, and proposal generation, all of which are enriched by AI to provide accurate and reliable results. Notably, the software can predict energy production and cost savings, helping clients make informed decisions about solar investments. Key products include Aurora AI, which automates tedious tasks and increases accuracy in solar panel placement and energy estimations. Another significant offering is the Sales Mode feature, which enhances the sales process by providing customized proposals quickly and efficiently. These features significantly reduce the time and cost typically associated with solar installations by minimizing the need for onsite visits and manual calculations. In terms of leadership, the founders, Samuel Adeyemo and Christopher Hopper, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from the solar and software industries, driving Aurora towards continuous innovation. Their team’s expertise is reflected in the software’s ability to reduce solar design time by as much as 60%, demonstrating substantial productivity gains for solar companies. Aurora Solar has also established strategic partnerships with various industry leaders to extend its reach and capabilities. These collaborations enhance the software’s integration with other platforms and expand its functionalities, ensuring that Aurora remains at the forefront of solar technology advancements. With a commitment to both innovation and customer success, Aurora Solar continues to play a critical role in transforming the solar industry, making solar energy more accessible and easier to implement for companies around the world.

Management Team

Christopher Hopper CEO and Co-Founder
Samuel Adeyemo Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder
Carina Brockl SVP of Sales
Rahul Pathak SVP of Engineering
Eraj Siddiqui SVP of Customer Success & Services
Annu Yadav Head of Design

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