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Aura is a comprehensive digital safety platform that offers robust protection against identity theft, online fraud, and cybersecurity threats. It caters to individuals and families, providing an array of services including antivirus, VPN, parental controls, and fraud alerts. Aura combines these tools into a user-friendly app that ensures safety across various devices, supported by a team of experts available around the clock.

Founded: 2017

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Founded with the vision to simplify online safety, Aura has developed into a one-stop shop for digital security needs. The platform is designed to provide all-encompassing protection for individuals and their families from various online threats such as identity theft, cyberattacks, and financial fraud. Aura's services integrate seamlessly across multiple devices, ensuring users are protected whether they are at home or on the go. Aura's suite of tools includes identity theft protection, which monitors personal information across numerous databases and alerts users to any unauthorized use of their data. Its financial fraud protection system notifies users of any suspicious activities within minutes, helping to prevent potential financial losses. Additionally, Aura offers a robust antivirus program that protects against malware and maintains device integrity. For families, Aura includes features like parental controls and safe gaming environments that guard against online predators and cyberbullying. These tools help parents manage their children's online interactions and screen time, ensuring a safe browsing experience. Privacy is also a cornerstone of Aura's services, with a VPN that encrypts internet traffic and masks users' IP addresses, enhancing online anonymity and security. The platform also includes a password manager that securely stores and manages passwords, making it easier for users to access their online accounts while maintaining strong security. Aura offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for digital safety, empowering users to manage their online security with confidence and ease.

Management Team

Hari Ravichandran Founder and CEO
Alison Dillon Chief Strategy Officer
Blake Cunneen Interim CFO and Head of Corporate Development
Damien Atkins Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel
Howard Clabo Chief Brand and Communications Officer
Kristin Covi Chief Marketing Officer
Ryan Toohil Chief Technology Officer and Head of Platform
Sofia Kaufman Chief People and Customer Officer
Zulfikar Ramzan Chief Scientist and EVP of Product and Development

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