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Attentive is a leader in the marketing technology sector, focusing on personalized text messaging services that boost customer engagement for progressive brands. They offer integration with existing marketing tools, helping businesses drive both revenue and customer loyalty through customized SMS and email campaigns.

Founded: 2016

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Attentive Company Overview

Attentive was established to redefine the interaction between businesses and consumers through advanced communication tools. Their main services include SMS marketing and automated email campaigns powered by artificial intelligence. This technology analyzes real-time data to personalize and timely deliver each message. The platform's features cover list management, audience targeting, comprehensive analytics, and compliance with regulations, all designed to enhance data utilization and adhere to legal standards. Attentive supports over 100 integrations, including e-commerce and CRM systems, allowing for seamless communication strategies. Serving a wide range of sectors such as retail, e-commerce, and hospitality, Attentive tailors its solutions to the specific challenges of each industry. They also provide extensive support and resources for clients, offering strategic consultation and a rich hub of industry insights. Continuously driving innovation in the marketing field, Attentive leads in facilitating impactful customer interactions, helping brands to engage their audiences more effectively.

Management Team

Brian Long Co-founder & CEO
Andrew Jones Co-founder & Chief Product Officer
Ethan Lo Co-founder & Head of Special Projects
Harry Heymann CTO
Sean McDermott Chief People Officer

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