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Attabotics revolutionizes warehouse and supply chain automation with its innovative storage and retrieval system, The Studio. Utilizing a modular, three-dimensional design, it significantly reduces space and labor costs while enhancing efficiency and speed. Founded to transform fulfillment processes, Attabotics provides scalable solutions adaptable to various settings, from large warehouses to micro-fulfillment centers.

Founded: 2016

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Attabotics, a leading innovator in warehouse and supply chain automation, offers a cutting-edge solution with its platform, The Studio. Founded to address the inefficiencies in traditional fulfillment systems, Attabotics integrates advanced robotics and software to streamline operations. The company's modular cubic architecture allows for three-dimensional movement and storage, drastically reducing the physical footprint required for warehousing by up to 85%. This design not only saves space but also slashes labor costs by 75% and capital expenditure by 50%. The Studio's intelligent system is designed to be future-proof, scalable, and adaptable to a variety of fulfillment needs. It supports operations in large new warehouses, retrofitted spaces, micro-fulfillment centers, and dark stores, providing flexibility without extensive structural changes. By enabling real-time updates and continuous optimization, Attabotics ensures that businesses can achieve faster delivery times and more efficient inventory management. Attabotics’ technology is recognized for its potential to transform the flow of goods, making commerce more seamless and sustainable. The company is committed to creating solutions that harmonize with evolving consumer needs and environmental considerations. Featured in prominent publications, Attabotics is at the forefront of redefining how fulfillment spaces operate, driving innovation in the supply chain industry.

Management Team

Scott Gravelle CEO
Chris Lewis COO
Jennifer Aubin Chief People & Culture Officer
John Hickman VP of Manufacturing
Brad Simpson VP of Corporate Development
Kenny Doleac VP of Product Commercialization
Shawn Needham VP of Sales & Service

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