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Atom Power is a technology company revolutionizing the electrical industry with advanced hardware and software solutions. They specialize in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, offering reliable, scalable, and secure charging systems. Atom Power's innovations include the Atom Switch™, a groundbreaking digital solid-state circuit breaker enhancing energy management and EV charging efficiency.

Founded: 2014

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Founded to transform the electrical industry, Atom Power is at the forefront of innovating energy consumption, management, and commercialization. The company focuses on electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, offering a comprehensive suite of products that include Level 2 and DC fast charging systems, sophisticated switchgear, and both on-premise and cloud-based asset and energy management solutions. Atom Power's technology is designed to ensure maximum reliability, visibility, and control for businesses managing EV fleets. A standout innovation from Atom Power is the Atom Switch™, the world's first commercial UL-listed digital solid-state circuit breaker. Unlike traditional mechanical breakers, the Atom Switch™ uses semiconductors to interrupt current flow, eliminating moving parts and significantly enhancing durability and reliability. This technology is pivotal in advancing EV charging infrastructure, making it more efficient and adaptable to future energy needs. Atom Power's products are designed with scalability and security in mind, meeting the stringent FedRAMP® Authorized cybersecurity standards and incorporating end-to-end encryption. This ensures protection and peace of mind for users. The company's dynamic load management capabilities allow businesses to install more charging stations without extensive infrastructure upgrades, reducing deployment costs and avoiding peak demand charges. Headquartered in Huntersville, North Carolina, Atom Power continues to innovate, setting new standards in the electrified world by creating solutions that are not only reliable but also scalable and secure, paving the way for future advancements in various sectors, including renewable energy, smart metering, and distributed energy resource management.

Management Team

Ryan Kennedy Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer & President
Eric Dana Chief Financial Officer
Michael Harris Chief Technology Officer
Denis Kouroussis Ph.D Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

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