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Atmosphere, a spin-off from Chive Media Group, is the leading streaming TV platform designed specifically for business environments. Offering a blend of free, engaging, viral-style video content and customizable digital signage, Atmosphere TV enhances the customer experience in diverse settings such as bars, gyms, and medical offices, providing a dynamic alternative to traditional TV programming.

Founded: 2019

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Atmosphere, launched in 2019, has become a transformative streaming service for business environments, offering a unique blend of video content tailored to enhance the customer experience. Distinct from traditional television, Atmosphere provides a variety of engaging, audio-optional content that ranges from humorous viral videos to captivating sports highlights and informative trivia. This diverse content selection ensures that every viewer finds something to enjoy, regardless of their interests. The service is particularly appealing to businesses due to its subscription-free model, which includes a device pre-loaded with Atmosphere's software, facilitating quick and simple setup. This model is ideal for businesses looking to eliminate the complexities and costs associated with traditional content subscriptions. A standout feature of Atmosphere is its integrated digital signage capability, which allows businesses to overlay custom marketing messages directly on the streaming content. This feature combines entertainment with practical advertising, offering businesses a powerful tool to engage with customers and promote their services effectively within their premises. Atmosphere's reach is global, with the platform currently serving over 60,000 locations across 35 countries. The service's versatility makes it a favorite in various sectors including hospitality, where it creates a lively atmosphere in bars and restaurants; healthcare, where it provides a soothing distraction in waiting areas; and fitness centers, where it adds an energizing element to the workout environment. The platform's design, emphasizing easy integration and a rich content library, ensures that it can be readily adapted to any business setting, making Atmosphere a leading choice for enhancing the consumer environment and retaining clientele with minimal effort.

Management Team

Blake Sabatinelli Chief Executive Officer
Michael Grisko Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer
Nicole LaFlamme Chief Human Resources Officer
Ryan Spicer Chief Revenue Officer
Leo Resig Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

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