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Astronomer is a premier data orchestration platform offering fully-managed services for efficient data pipeline development, deployment, and scaling. With a robust infrastructure and numerous integrations, Astronomer ensures seamless data integration, governance, and enhanced productivity for enterprises. Major clients across various industries rely on Astronomer to accelerate innovation and maintain reliable data ecosystems.

Founded: 2018

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Astronomer Company Overview

Founded to optimize the use of Apache Airflow™, Astronomer delivers robust solutions for data orchestration. The company's primary product, Astro, is a fully-managed platform designed to enhance and scale Airflow deployments efficiently. By leveraging Astro, organizations can streamline data integration processes, improve operational analytics, and support AI and machine learning initiatives. Astronomer stands out with its emphasis on governance, providing comprehensive oversight and control over data ecosystems. The platform offers intelligent infrastructure management, which facilitates dynamic scaling and proactive monitoring to ensure reliability and efficiency. Additionally, Astronomer boasts over 1500 integrations, allowing seamless connectivity with a wide array of technologies and tools. Astronomer's solutions are trusted by major enterprises across various industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, and gaming. Notable clients such as FanDuel, Autodesk, and Molson Coors have reported significant improvements in infrastructure stability, reduced downtime, and enhanced productivity through the use of Astro. The platform's ability to reduce development and deployment time, cut infrastructure costs, and provide a high return on investment makes it a preferred choice for organizations seeking to optimize their data workflows. With a focus on accelerating innovation and ensuring data reliability, Astronomer empowers teams to deliver high-quality data products and services efficiently. The company also offers extensive resources, including documentation, webinars, and certification programs, to support users in maximizing the potential of Apache Airflow™ and Astro.

Management Team

Joe Otto CEO
Steve Zhang CTO
Hemal Kanani Chief Customer Officer
Julien Le Dem Chief Architect

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