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Aspiration is a financial services company dedicated to sustainable banking and investing. It offers eco-friendly financial products, including checking accounts, investment funds, and credit cards, focusing on ethical practices and environmental sustainability. Aspiration aims to help customers align their finances with their values, promoting green initiatives like tree planting and carbon offsetting.

Founded: 2013

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Aspiration Company Overview

Aspiration is a pioneering financial services company focused on sustainability and ethical banking. Headquartered in Marina del Rey, California, Aspiration provides a range of eco-friendly financial products, including checking accounts, investment funds, and credit cards. The company's mission is to help consumers make financial decisions that positively impact the environment and society. One of Aspiration's key offerings is the Aspiration Spend & Save Account, which features no hidden fees and the ability to earn competitive interest rates. Customers can round up purchases to plant trees, contributing to global reforestation efforts. Aspiration also offers the Aspiration Redwood Fund, an investment fund that focuses on sustainable companies committed to ethical practices. The Aspiration Zero credit card is another notable product, designed to help cardholders reduce their carbon footprint. For every purchase made with the card, Aspiration funds the planting of trees, helping to offset carbon emissions. The company also provides tools and resources to help users track their personal environmental impact and make more sustainable choices. Aspiration's commitment to sustainability extends beyond its product offerings. The company adheres to a "Do Well. Do Good." ethos, ensuring that a portion of its earnings goes towards charitable causes and environmental initiatives. Aspiration is a certified B Corporation, reflecting its dedication to high social and environmental performance standards. By integrating sustainability into everyday banking and investment practices, Aspiration empowers its customers to make a positive impact on the planet while managing their finances responsibly. The company continues to innovate in the financial sector, prioritizing transparency, sustainability, and ethical practices.

Management Team

Olivia Albrecht CEO
Tim Newell Chief Innovation Officer
Irfan Kamal Chief Impact Officer
Mike Shuckerow Chief Legal Officer

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