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Ascend Elements is a leader in sustainable lithium-ion battery materials manufacturing and recycling. Utilizing its patented Hydro-to-Cathode® process, the company transforms spent lithium-ion batteries into high-value materials for electric vehicle (EV) batteries, enhancing sustainability and reducing costs and carbon emissions.

Founded: 2015

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Ascend Elements is a pioneering company in the sustainable manufacturing and recycling of lithium-ion battery materials. Based in Westborough, Massachusetts, the company employs its proprietary Hydro-to-Cathode® direct precursor synthesis process to reclaim critical materials from spent batteries and manufacturing scrap. This innovative method transforms these recovered materials into high-performance cathode active materials (CAM) and precursor cathode active materials (pCAM), essential for electric vehicle (EV) batteries. By utilizing these recycled components, Ascend Elements significantly reduces the cost and environmental impact of battery production. The company's sustainable approach caters to a diverse range of clients, including electric vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and battery producers, providing tailored materials to meet specific technical requirements. Ascend Elements has garnered recognition for its contributions to green technology, earning accolades such as Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies and a spot on TIME Magazine's list of Top Green Tech Companies. Ascend Elements is actively expanding its operations and global reach. A notable development is its joint venture in Poland, aimed at increasing the company's influence in the European market. Additionally, the establishment of a new manufacturing facility in Kentucky marks a significant step in scaling up production capabilities to meet growing demand. This facility will enhance the company's ability to supply sustainable battery materials to a broader market, supporting the global transition to cleaner energy solutions. By focusing on sustainability and innovation, Ascend Elements is not only addressing the challenges associated with battery waste but also contributing to the development of a circular economy in the battery industry. Its advanced recycling technologies and sustainable manufacturing practices are setting new standards, making significant strides toward a more sustainable and efficient battery supply chain.

Management Team

Mike O’Kronley CEO
Eric Gratz, PhD CTO
Andrew Aberdale CFO
Daniel Russell COO
Ian Braime Chief Commercial Officer

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