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ASAPP is an AI research-driven company focused on improving business operations through machine learning. They specialize in enhancing customer service interactions across various industries, providing tools that augment human work with automated solutions to boost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Founded: 2014

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ASAPP Company Overview

ASAPP, an innovative technology firm, specializes in artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions aimed at transforming customer service operations. The company develops AI-powered tools that assist enterprises in automating and optimizing customer interactions, making them more efficient and effective. ASAPP's approach leverages advanced AI research to develop solutions that enhance rather than replace human agents, focusing on augmenting the capabilities of customer service teams. This synergy helps businesses achieve superior service levels, operational efficiency, and enhanced customer engagement. Their products are designed to be seamlessly integrated into existing customer service platforms, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate improvements in customer interaction metrics. ASAPP’s client list typically includes major players in industries such as telecommunications, financial services, and healthcare, indicating a robust and scalable solution for large-scale enterprise needs.

Management Team

Gustavo Sapoznik Founder & CEO
Rick Hoefert Chief Customer Officer
Paul Kizakevich CRO
Macario Namie CMO
Will Robinson CTO
Craig Rosen Chief Security & Trust Officer
Jo-Anne Sinclair Chief Legal Officer
Clare Gobel SVP, People
Rachel Knaster SVP, Product

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