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Artsy is a premier online platform for discovering, buying, and selling fine art. It connects art collectors, enthusiasts, and galleries, offering access to a vast array of artworks, from contemporary pieces to historical masterpieces. Artsy's services extend to hosting online auctions and providing a comprehensive price database, facilitating informed art transactions globally.

Founded: 2009

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Founded with the vision of democratizing art acquisition, Artsy has established itself as a key digital marketplace and educational resource in the art world. The platform offers a streamlined, accessible route for users to discover and acquire art, regardless of their physical location. Artsy features works from renowned artists and galleries worldwide, supported by an extensive network of art fairs and museum partnerships. The website integrates various functionalities to enhance user interaction with art, including advanced search tools, personalized art recommendations, and detailed artist profiles. Artsy’s "Price Database" is particularly noteworthy, providing valuable insights into art market trends and pricing, making it a useful tool for both novice buyers and seasoned collectors. A significant part of Artsy’s appeal is its editorial content, which offers deep dives into the art world through interviews, reviews, and features on up-and-coming artists. This content not only enriches the user experience but also educates the audience, fostering a deeper appreciation of art. Artsy also actively engages in community and educational initiatives, evidenced by its "Art Genome Project," which categorizes art based on various attributes and connections, further enriching the understanding and discovery of art. The platform’s technological integration extends to mobile access through iOS and Android apps, ensuring users can engage with art on the go. Overall, Artsy represents a fusion of art commerce and education, positioned uniquely to cater to the modern art collector’s needs.

Management Team

Mike Steib CEO
Hugo Liu, Ph.D. Chief Scientist
Dustyn Kim CRO
Sandy Cass COO

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