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Armada AI Stock is a pioneering company that offers the world's first full-stack edge computing platform. Specializing in satellite connectivity and modular data centers, Armada enables real-time data processing and connectivity in remote and underserved areas. Their platform integrates advanced IoT, AI, and edge computing technologies to empower industries such as manufacturing, logistics, mining, and telecommunications.

Founded: 2022

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Armada AI Company Overview

Founded to bridge the digital divide, delivers innovative edge computing solutions that revolutionize connectivity and data processing. Their flagship offering, Commander Connect, is a comprehensive Starlink operating system designed to manage and optimize multiple satellite terminals. This platform addresses the significant challenge of internet connectivity in remote and underserved regions by providing real-time infrastructure and data processing capabilities. Armada's modular data centers, known as Galleons, can be rapidly deployed, operated, and monitored in the most challenging environments. This holistic approach enables industries to leverage the power of IoT and AI at the edge, reducing latency and enhancing operational efficiency. The company's focus on edge computing addresses the growing demand for sophisticated technology solutions in globalized industries such as manufacturing, logistics, mining, oil and gas, the public sector, and telecommunications. The leadership at Armada comprises proven industry experts dedicated to fostering innovation and solving complex challenges. Their vision extends beyond mere connectivity, aiming to create a world where no region is left without access to vital technological infrastructure. By optimizing data processing and connectivity at the edge, Armada empowers industries to innovate and thrive, ensuring critical data is processed in real-time, even in the most remote locations. This commitment to enhancing global connectivity and data management positions as a leader in the edge computing landscape.

Management Team

Dan Wright Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Jon Runyan Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Pradeep Nair Founding Chief Technology Officer
Prag Mishra Chief AI Officer

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