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Arcadia is a clean energy company providing access to global utility data and analytics. Arcadia's platform, Arc, helps businesses electrify and decarbonize by offering comprehensive data solutions for energy management, sustainability reporting, and more. Their mission is to enable a zero-carbon future through advanced technology and innovative solutions.

Founded: 2014

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Arcadia Company Overview

Arcadia is at the forefront of the clean energy revolution, aiming to democratize access to renewable energy through innovative technology solutions. The company began by focusing on community solar projects, allowing customers to support and benefit from solar energy without the need for rooftop panels. Over time, Arcadia expanded its offerings to include the Arc platform, a comprehensive solution that provides businesses with high-resolution energy and water usage data, advanced analytics, and optimization tools. The platform’s API-based products enable detailed insights into solar and storage calculations, energy rate analysis, utility bill management, and carbon accounting. These capabilities are essential for businesses looking to enhance energy efficiency, implement EV charging infrastructure, and improve sustainability reporting. Arcadia’s mission is to facilitate the transition to a zero-carbon future. By aggregating and analyzing utility data, the company empowers businesses to make informed decisions about energy consumption, cost savings, and carbon footprint reduction. The platform supports various industries, including real estate, where property managers can leverage data for green building certifications and operational efficiency. Additionally, Arcadia’s innovative approach extends to residential customers through its community solar programs and personalized energy management services. By connecting users to local solar projects, Arcadia allows individuals to support renewable energy and reduce their electricity bills, regardless of their housing situation. Arcadia’s impact is amplified by its partnerships with forward-thinking companies and organizations committed to sustainability. These collaborations enable broader adoption of clean energy solutions and drive significant progress towards global decarbonization goals. As a trusted leader in the clean energy space, Arcadia continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, striving to create a more sustainable and equitable energy future for all.

Management Team

Kiran Bhatraju Co-Founder and CEO
Benjamin Stein Chief Product Officer
John Rucker CFO
Anil Beniwal CTO
Kate Henningsen Co-Founder and COO
Patrick McCamley Chief Commercial Officer
Nancy Hersh Chief Data Officer

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