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AppDirect offers a comprehensive platform for businesses to sell, buy, and manage recurring technology services. It facilitates digital transformation by enabling the launch of marketplaces, managing subscription billing, and optimizing procurement processes. AppDirect supports various industries, including software, communications, and manufacturing, through its extensive catalog of cloud and SaaS solutions.

Founded: 2009

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AppDirect Company Overview

AppDirect is a leading provider of subscription commerce solutions that empower businesses to manage the entire lifecycle of recurring technology services. The platform supports digital transformation by enabling companies to launch their own marketplaces, automate subscription billing, and optimize procurement processes. AppDirect’s comprehensive suite of services includes digital monetization, cloud distribution, and workforce identity management, catering to a wide range of industries such as software, communications, manufacturing, and financial services. AppDirect’s key products and services include the B2B Marketplace, which allows businesses to sell and manage a variety of technology services, and the Subscription Billing solution that automates billing processes. The platform also offers Cloud Distribution capabilities, enabling the efficient management of cloud services, and Digital Engagement tools to enhance customer interactions. The company was co-founded by Daniel Saks and Nicolas Desmarais, who envisioned a platform that could simplify the complexities of subscription commerce. Today, AppDirect partners with over 300 software companies and is trusted by leading organizations globally to power their digital growth. AppDirect’s solutions are designed to scale with businesses, providing tools to manage reseller programs, offer self-service procurement, and optimize spend management. With a strong focus on innovation, AppDirect continues to expand its capabilities, recently securing significant investments to enhance its platform and support the growth of technology businesses. This commitment to continuous improvement and customer success makes AppDirect a pivotal player in the subscription commerce industry.

Management Team

Nicolas Desmarais Chairman and CEO
Daniel Saks President and Co-CEO
Andy Sen CTO
Andy Ellerhorst Chief of Staff and VP of Operations

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