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Apollo GraphQL is a leading technology firm specializing in advanced API solutions for modern applications. Their flagship product, Apollo GraphOS, revolutionizes how businesses manage their data architecture via GraphQL technology. The platform is trusted by major enterprises like Netflix and Expedia to streamline data integration, enhance developer productivity, and improve application performance by providing a unified graph-based data layer.

Founded: 2011

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Apollo GraphQL, founded with the ambition to transform the way businesses utilize APIs, has become a cornerstone in the API management landscape through its innovative products and solutions centered around GraphQL technology. Their flagship product, Apollo GraphOS, has reshaped data management frameworks by providing an integrated graph-based data layer that enhances how enterprises connect, query, and manage their data across various applications. This innovative approach not only streamlines development processes but also introduces efficiencies that are critical in modern digital ecosystems. Apollo's suite includes the Apollo Client, Apollo Server, and Apollo Federation, each designed to address distinct aspects of application development and data management. The Apollo Client aids developers in building interactive, feature-rich client-side applications, while Apollo Server facilitates efficient, scalable API services. Apollo Federation, on the other hand, allows companies to implement a distributed GraphQL architecture, enabling different teams to work independently and collaboratively on a shared data graph. Significantly, Apollo GraphQL has been instrumental in advancing GraphQL adoption across different sectors, providing solutions that ensure consistent data access and reduce complexities in handling large-scale data operations. Clients like Netflix, PayPal, and The New York Times leverage Apollo's technologies to maintain robust, agile IT infrastructures that support rapid development and deployment cycles, thereby gaining competitive advantages in their respective markets. Moreover, Apollo continues to push the boundaries of innovation within the GraphQL community through ongoing research and development, committed to delivering next-generation tools that meet evolving business needs. The adoption of Apollo's solutions by industry leaders underscores its critical role in facilitating digital transformation and enhancing business agility across global markets. This steadfast dedication to technological advancement and client success has solidified Apollo GraphQL's status as a pioneer and leader in the field of modern API management.

Management Team

Geoff Schmidt Co-Founder & CEO
Matt DeBergalis Co-Founder & CTO
Matt Walters Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
Steve Johnson Co-Founder & VP of Engineering
Evan Weaver Co-Founder & VP of Infrastructure

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