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Apeel Sciences is an innovative company dedicated to extending the freshness of produce with a plant-derived solution that mimics natural protective peels. This technology significantly reduces food waste and conserves resources, making it a key player in the sustainable agriculture sector. Operating in both North America and Europe, Apeel is transforming the supply chain dynamics for fresh produce.

Founded: 2012

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Founded with a vision to help solve the global food waste crisis, Apeel Sciences develops a proprietary plant-derived solution that acts as an extra "peel" to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. This technology effectively keeps moisture in and oxygen out, slowing down the respiration process and significantly prolonging freshness. By enhancing the natural defenses of produce, Apeel extends the shelf life without the need for harmful chemicals, thus reducing waste and associated environmental impacts. Apeel's products are now available across various markets in North America and Europe, catering to both consumers and retailers by improving the longevity and quality of fresh produce. The company's innovation not only promotes sustainability by reducing food waste but also supports the entire supply chain—from farmers to retailers and consumers—by providing more time to sell, buy, and consume produce before it spoils. Additionally, Apeel Sciences emphasizes its impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving resources through its effective waste management solutions. The company maintains a strong commitment to science and sustainability, continually exploring new ways to apply its technology to benefit the global food system. With its headquarters in Goleta, California, and operations in the Netherlands, Apeel is poised to play a crucial role in the future of food preservation.

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