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Anyscale offers scalable compute solutions designed for AI and Python applications. Their flagship product, Ray, is an open-source framework that enhances the scalability and efficiency of AI workloads, utilized by leading companies in various sectors. Anyscale's platform enables seamless transitioning from development to production, providing tools for managing large-scale machine learning operations effectively.

Founded: 2019

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Founded with the vision to revolutionize how AI applications are scaled and managed, Anyscale has emerged as a leader in providing infrastructure solutions tailored for expansive AI workloads. Central to Anyscale’s offerings is Ray, an open-source project that allows developers to build applications that can scale from a laptop to a cluster seamlessly. Ray is recognized for its ability to handle massive parallel computations and its flexible architecture, making it a favorite among tech giants like OpenAI and Uber. The company provides several key products including Anyscale Platform and Anyscale Endpoints, which cater to both public and private cloud environments. The Anyscale Platform is crafted to accelerate AI experimentation and deployment across teams, integrating features like Anyscale Workspaces, Jobs, and Services. This managed platform promotes cost efficiency through smart scheduling across multiple clouds and regions. Anyscale Endpoints, on the other hand, offer serverless APIs that facilitate quick deployment and management of machine learning models, emphasizing ease of use and privacy controls. Anyscale’s technology supports a wide array of applications, from generative AI and large language models (LLMs) to computer vision. Its solutions are designed to reduce the time to market for new products and enhance the ability to iterate rapidly on AI projects. The company boasts of significantly increasing throughput and lowering operational costs, showcasing its capability to scale to thousands of nodes within seconds. Aside from its products, Anyscale contributes to the AI community through extensive documentation, training programs, and events like the Ray Summit, fostering a comprehensive ecosystem around Ray technology. The company also features prominently in numerous case studies that highlight the successful integration of its technology in addressing complex AI challenges faced by contemporary enterprises.

Management Team

Robert Nishihara Ph.D Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Philipp Moritz Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Michael Jordan Co-Founder
Ion Stoica Ph.D Co-Founder, President & Executive Chairman

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