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Anduril Industries is a pioneering defense technology company that specializes in developing innovative autonomous systems designed to enhance national security capabilities. Leveraging its proprietary Lattice OS, Anduril provides a suite of solutions that integrate AI-driven autonomy across air, maritime, and land domains. This enables effective, real-time command and control of defense operations, catering to both U.S. and allied military needs.

Founded: 2017

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Anduril Company Overview

Founded in 2017 by Palmer Luckey and led by CEO Brian Schimpf, Anduril Industries has rapidly distinguished itself within the defense sector by delivering advanced technological solutions aimed at modernizing military capabilities. Central to Anduril's innovation is its Lattice OS, an AI-powered platform that facilitates comprehensive sense-making and autonomous decision-making across integrated systems. This technology supports a range of applications from perimeter security to threat interception and maritime surveillance, ensuring robust defense mechanisms that are both scalable and modular in design. Since its inception, Anduril has embarked on significant expansions and partnerships, notable among them being its collaboration with the Royal Australian Navy to develop autonomous undersea vehicles and its acquisition of companies like Dive Technologies to bolster its undersea and aerial drone capabilities​. The company has also made significant inroads into global defense markets, securing contracts with U.S. Special Operations Command and establishing operations in Australia to support the Asia-Pacific defense needs​. Financially, Anduril has demonstrated impressive growth, supported by substantial funding rounds that underscore investor confidence in its mission and business model. This funding has facilitated rapid R&D and expansion of its product lines, which include autonomous air vehicles like Fury and Ghost, and the innovative undersea vehicle Dive-LD​. With a workforce that has more than doubled in recent times, Anduril is setting new standards in the defense technology landscape, continuously driving advancements that deliver strategic military advantages efficiently and effectively.

Management Team

Palmer Luckey Founder
Brian Schimpf Co-Founder and CEO
Matt Grimm Co-Founder and COO
Christian Brose Chief Strategy Officer
Michael Galvin Chief Financial Officer
Nik Seetharaman Chief Information Officer
Matthew Steckman Chief Revenue Officer
Babak Siavoshy Chief Legal Officer

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