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Andela is a leading platform that connects companies with on-demand global talent. Specializing in software engineering, Andela's AI-driven Talent Cloud offers efficient, flexible, and scalable solutions for sourcing, hiring, and managing remote technical talent from over 175 countries. Its services cater to diverse technological needs, including application engineering, AI, cloud computing, and data analytics.

Founded: 2014

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Andela Company Overview

Andela was originally founded in Nigeria, Africa, with a mission to connect the continent's vast, high-potential tech talent with global tech companies. The vision was to overcome the employment challenges faced by African software engineers while helping international firms address severe skills shortages. Andela's success in Africa set the stage for its global expansion, allowing it to build a more inclusive technology ecosystem worldwide. This foundation has enabled Andela to extend its reach significantly, creating opportunities for tech professionals in other emerging markets. Andela's model is designed to support the dynamic requirements of modern enterprises. Clients can hire individual contributors or entire teams and can choose from managed services that alleviate the burden of technical recruitment and workforce management. The platform's predictive performance and assessment tools enhance hiring accuracy, promoting a 96% success rate in talent matches. The company's global reach is substantial, featuring a talent pool from regions with significant time zone overlaps with North American and European markets, such as Africa and Latin America. This geographical diversity supports around-the-clock operations and diverse perspectives within teams. Andela has become a trusted partner for many of the world's leading brands, demonstrating a robust capability to adapt to the evolving technological landscape and consistently delivering high-quality service and outcomes.

Management Team

Jeremy Johnson Co-founder & CEO
Jess Hunt COO
Bryan Caplin CRO
David Blair CTO
Milli Feldman VP, People
Wambui Kinya VP, Partner Engineering
Omowale David-Ashiru VP, Global Operations

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