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AMP Robotics employs AI technology to revolutionize the recycling industry, enhancing waste processing efficiency and resource recovery while reducing labor costs. Their AI-powered robotic systems streamline sorting processes, making recycling operations more effective and sustainable. By utilizing advanced vision systems and high-speed sortation technologies, AMP Robotics provides innovative solutions that optimize material recovery and support environmental sustainability efforts across various waste management applications.

Founded: 2014

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AMP Robotics, founded to revolutionize the recycling industry, leverages artificial intelligence to enhance waste management processes. The company's advanced AI-powered robotic systems significantly improve sorting efficiency, reduce labor dependency, and increase material recovery rates. AMP Robotics employs sophisticated vision systems for real-time material identification, combined with high-speed air-jet and robotic arm sortation technologies. These innovations enable their systems to recognize and sort billions of objects annually, optimizing recycling operations. A notable product, the AMP ONE material recovery facility (MRF), showcases the company's Smart Sortation technology, allowing it to function with minimal human intervention. This facility exemplifies AMP Robotics' commitment to developing scalable, efficient solutions that can be deployed rapidly, typically within nine months. By focusing on single-stream recycling, municipal solid waste (MSW), and specialized materials like plastics, fibers, metals, films, and electronic waste, AMP Robotics addresses diverse recycling needs. The company's cutting-edge technologies, including Delta robotic systems and Jet and MicroJet air-jet systems, enhance the sorting process, ensuring high recovery rates and operational efficiency. AMP Robotics' systems are designed to operate in various environments, providing waste and recycling leaders with the tools needed to achieve their sustainability goals. The company's solutions not only improve the economics of recycling but also contribute to environmental conservation by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of material recovery processes. AMP Robotics continues to drive innovation in the recycling industry, offering robust, AI-driven technologies that redefine waste management practices. Their commitment to sustainability, coupled with their advanced technological solutions, positions them as a leader in the effort to create a more sustainable and efficient recycling ecosystem. Through continuous improvement and deployment of their AI-powered systems, AMP Robotics helps clients optimize their operations and achieve higher levels of resource recovery.

Management Team

Matanya Horowitz Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Beth Dec Vice President, People
Josh Hollin Vice President, Engineering
Michael Krings Vice President, Operations

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