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Amwell is a leading digital healthcare company that enables hybrid care through its advanced Converge™ platform. Integrating in-person, virtual, and automated care, Amwell connects healthcare providers, payers, and innovators to deliver seamless and scalable care solutions.

Founded: 2006

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Amwell is a pioneer in digital healthcare, facilitating hybrid care delivery through its Converge platform. This comprehensive platform seamlessly integrates in-person, virtual, and automated care, offering a unified solution for diverse healthcare needs. Serving a wide range of clients—including health systems, payers, government agencies, and educational institutions—Amwell's solutions are designed to enhance clinical efficiency and financial performance. The Converge platform provides specialized services for both providers and payers. It supports various healthcare scenarios, including urgent care, behavioral health, chronic care management, and specialty consultations. Amwell's robust network features over 103,000 active providers, catering to more than 115 health systems and 50 health plan partners, reaching an extensive patient base of over 100 million members. Amwell's offerings are tailored to improve patient engagement, streamline care coordination, and reduce healthcare costs. Key products include telehealth services, remote patient monitoring, automated care programs, and digital therapeutics. These tools are designed to provide comprehensive care solutions that are scalable and adaptable to the evolving healthcare landscape. The company is led by a team of seasoned healthcare professionals and technology experts. Co-founders Dr. Ido Schoenberg and Dr. Roy Schoenberg have been instrumental in steering Amwell towards innovation and growth. Their vision has positioned Amwell at the forefront of digital health transformation, focusing on improving access to care, enhancing patient outcomes, and optimizing healthcare delivery processes. Amwell's commitment to innovation is evident in its continuous efforts to expand its technology and services. The company's integrated approach not only supports immediate healthcare needs but also addresses long-term health challenges, making it a vital partner in the modern healthcare ecosystem. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive care model, Amwell is dedicated to shaping the future of healthcare delivery.

Management Team

Ido Schoenberg CEO, Chairman
Roy Schoenberg President, CEO
Keith Anderson CFO
Peter Antall Chief Medical Officer, President, Amwell Medical Group
Mike Baird President, Customer Solutions
Cory Costley SVP, Devices
Jon Freshman SVP, CTO
Brad Gay SVP, General Counsel
Phyllis Gotlib President, International
John Jesser President, Clinical Solutions, Employer Solutions & LiveHealth Online
Kurt Knight GM, Business Operations
Jeff Kosowsky GM Strategic Solutions & SVP Corporate Development
Omar Lyles SVP, Visual and UI Design
Jason Medeiros Chief Information Officer
Mary Modahl General Manager, Marketing Solutions
Mike Putnam SVP, Consumer Marketing
Katie Ruigh SVP, Product Management
Danielle Russella General Manager, Payer Solutions

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