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Ambiq is a pioneering semiconductor company specializing in ultra-low power solutions designed for battery-powered devices in the Internet of Things (IoT). Their innovations in subthreshold power-optimized technology (SPOT) enable significant energy efficiency improvements, making them a leader in the IoT space with products that power everything from wearables to smart home devices.

Founded: 2010

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Founded in 2010, Ambiq has firmly positioned itself at the forefront of the semiconductor industry, particularly in the low-power IoT device market. Their breakthrough technology, Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT), allows their chips to operate at minimal energy levels, which dramatically extends the battery life of the devices they power. Ambiq's product line includes a series of advanced system-on-chips (SoCs), real-time clocks (RTCs), and associated software that cater to a wide range of applications such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and home automation systems. Notably, their Apollo series of microcontrollers have set new standards for energy efficiency and performance in the industry. The company's ability to deliver cutting-edge, low-power chip technology has not only won them multiple awards but has also earned them recognition as the IoT Semiconductor Company of the Year multiple times. Their products, such as the Apollo4 Plus and Apollo510, have been adopted by some of the top wearable manufacturers worldwide, highlighting the trust and reliance major consumer electronics brands place on Ambiq's technologies. Ambiq's success is also evident in its strategic partnerships and customer base, which include leading global tech companies. These collaborations are focused on expanding the applications of AI and machine learning at the edge — directly on devices — by leveraging their ultra-low power consumption capabilities to ensure that AI functionalities can be more accessible on portable and non-plug-in devices. Ambiq continues to innovate and drive excellence in the IoT and semiconductor markets with its commitment to energy efficiency and its ability to enable smarter, connected technologies that are both sustainable and high-performing.

Management Team

Fumihide Esaka Chief Executive Officer
Steve Sheafor Ph.D Chief Technical Officer
Scott Hanson Ph.D Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
David Blaauw Ph.D Co-Founder
Paul Rolls Chief Revenue Officer
Scott Goodwin Chief Financial Officer
Dennis Sylvester Ph.D Co-Founder

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