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AlphaSense is a market intelligence and search platform that leverages AI technology to provide comprehensive insights from a vast array of public and private content. Serving financial institutions and corporations, it offers advanced search, analysis, and monitoring tools to enhance decision-making processes by integrating diverse data sources, including company filings, expert interviews, news, and proprietary internal documents.

Founded: 2011

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AlphaSense Company Overview

AlphaSense is a leading market intelligence and search platform designed to help professionals make informed business decisions through AI-driven insights. The platform aggregates an extensive range of content, including company filings, expert interviews, news articles, and proprietary documents. Its AI and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities enable users to efficiently search and analyze information, uncovering critical insights across industries and markets. AlphaSense's key offerings include advanced search functionalities powered by AI, allowing users to quickly surface relevant data and trends. The platform also features Smart Synonyms™, which enhance search accuracy, and GenAI-powered Smart Summaries that provide concise insights from premium content. Customizable dashboards and alerts help users stay informed about market trends and competitive movements. The company's founders aimed to address the inefficiencies in traditional research methods by creating a solution that combines AI technology with a vast content library. AlphaSense caters to various industries, including asset management, healthcare, financial services, and consulting. It supports use cases such as competitive intelligence, due diligence, earnings analysis, and market landscaping. AlphaSense is trusted by major financial institutions and corporations, including a significant percentage of the S&P 500 and leading asset management firms. Its commitment to enterprise-grade security ensures that users' data is protected with the highest standards. By integrating both external and internal content, AlphaSense provides a comprehensive view of the market, empowering professionals to make data-driven decisions confidently.

Management Team

Jack Kokko CEO
Raj Neervannan CTO
Kiva Kolstein Chief Revenue Officer and President
Joe Hill CFO
Robert Magri Chief Content Officer
Melissa Sargeant Chief Marketing
John Reid-Dodick Chief People Officer

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