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Alchemy is a premier Web3 development platform offering robust APIs, SDKs, and tools for building and scaling blockchain applications. Supporting multiple blockchain networks, it provides efficient solutions like Supernode, NFT API, and Token API to streamline decentralized application development.

Founded: 2017

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Alchemy is a Web3 development platform that provides developers with a comprehensive suite of tools, APIs, and SDKs to build and scale blockchain applications efficiently. The platform is renowned for its high-performance infrastructure, including Supernode, which allows developers to read and write blockchain data seamlessly. In addition to Supernode, Alchemy offers specialized APIs such as the NFT API and Token API, which simplify the creation and management of NFTs and token data, making it easier for developers to implement these features in their applications. Alchemy supports multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana, ensuring that developers can work across various ecosystems with ease. The platform's high-performance APIs facilitate faster and more secure transactions while providing real-time access to blockchain data through advanced tools like Webhooks and Websockets. These features enable developers to build responsive and reliable applications that can handle significant transaction volumes and real-time data processing. Moreover, Alchemy offers innovative solutions such as Account Abstraction Infrastructure and Gas Manager API. These tools help developers manage smart contract accounts more effectively and optimize transaction costs, providing a more efficient and cost-effective way to handle blockchain operations. The platform's user-friendly interface and robust support system make it an essential resource for developers looking to innovate and expand their capabilities within the blockchain space. Alchemy's commitment to continuous improvement and support for developers has positioned it as a cornerstone in the Web3 ecosystem. By offering reliable infrastructure and cutting-edge tools, Alchemy enables developers to focus on building high-quality decentralized applications without worrying about the complexities of blockchain management. This dedication to simplifying and accelerating blockchain development has made Alchemy a trusted partner for developers worldwide, driving the growth and evolution of the decentralized web.

Management Team

Nikil Viswanathan Co-Founder, CEO
Joe Lau Co-Founder, CTO

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