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Airwallex is a pioneering fintech platform that offers a comprehensive suite of financial services designed for global business operations. Their platform facilitates seamless multi-currency payments, global account management, and customized financial solutions through powerful APIs and software integrations, catering primarily to businesses seeking efficient cross-border financial transaction capabilities.

Founded: 2015

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Airwallex Company Overview

Airwallex stands at the forefront of financial technology, dedicated to revolutionizing the way businesses engage in global finance. With a commitment to innovation, Airwallex offers a comprehensive fintech platform that streamlines multi-currency transactions, enhances payment processes, and simplifies account management across borders. The core offerings of Airwallex include sophisticated multi-currency accounts that allow businesses to hold, convert, pay, and manage money in over 50 currencies, facilitating transactions at close to the interbank exchange rate. Further enhancing its service suite, Airwallex provides a robust API that integrates seamlessly with various business applications, enabling automated financial processes and real-time financial data access, crucial for businesses aiming for scalability and efficiency in global operations. The platform also features borderless cards which empower teams with instant access to company funds worldwide, underpinning Airwallex’s utility in expense management and budget control. Security and compliance are paramount at Airwallex, with the platform adhering to international regulatory standards to ensure safe and reliable financial operations. The company's dedication to security is complemented by a transparent pricing model, which eliminates hidden fees, making it a preferred choice for businesses looking to optimize their financial workflows. Founded by a group of entrepreneurs who identified the complexities of global finance, Airwallex has rapidly grown to support clients across various industries such as e-commerce, manufacturing, technology, and professional services. With a presence in multiple international locations, the company maintains a commitment to localizing support and adapting its offerings to meet the specific needs of diverse markets. As Airwallex continues to innovate and adapt to emerging financial technologies and shifting market demands, it underscores its dedication to enhancing global financial operations and efficiency.

Management Team

Jack Zhang CEO and Co-Founder
Xijing Dai CTO and Co-Founder
Max Li Head of Design and Co-Founder
Lucy Liu President and Co-Founder
Jeanette Chan Chief Legal, Compliance, and Risk Officer

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