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Airtable is a cutting-edge platform revolutionizing the way organizations manage and automate workflows. Its intuitive app-building capabilities empower teams to create custom solutions without coding, facilitating seamless data integration and governance across multiple applications. Airtable's solutions enhance productivity by connecting data, automating processes, and deploying artificial intelligence, making it a vital tool for modern businesses seeking efficiency and scalability.

Founded: 2012

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Founded by Howie Liu, Andrew Ofstad, and Emmett Nicholas, Airtable has rapidly evolved into a prominent platform that combines the simplicity of a spreadsheet with the complexity of a database. It enables businesses and teams to create their own workflows and apps without extensive technical knowledge. Airtable offers a variety of features, including automations, integrations with popular tools like Slack and Salesforce, and AI capabilities that streamline data management and enhance decision-making processes. Central to its functionality is the ability to customize and link data across apps, thereby creating a unified source of truth. Users can design interfaces specifically tailored to their needs, which makes Airtable particularly valuable in areas like project management, marketing, operations, and HR. The platform's flexibility and user-friendly design have garnered a strong user base, with organizations across the globe adopting it to optimize their operations. Airtable continues to expand its offerings with regular updates and new features, maintaining its position at the forefront of collaborative technology and workflow automation.

Management Team

Howie Liu Co-Founder, CEO
Andrew Ofstad Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer
Emmett Nicholas Co-Founder, CTO

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