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Airbyte is an innovative open-source data integration platform designed to enhance data synchronization efficiency and scalability. It serves a global client base, providing both a managed cloud service and a self-hosted solution to ensure seamless data integration across numerous sources and storage systems.

Founded: 2020

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Founded with the mission to democratize data integration, Airbyte has rapidly emerged as a leader in the open-source data movement landscape. The platform is engineered to support the dynamic needs of modern data teams, allowing users to consolidate data into warehouses, lakes, and databases efficiently. Airbyte distinguishes itself with its vast catalog of over 300 pre-built connectors that are both open-source and customizable, making it adaptable to virtually any data source. The Airbyte platform is divided into several key offerings: Airbyte Cloud, a fully managed service that simplifies data integration for enterprises by handling all the infrastructure management; and Airbyte Self-Managed, which gives companies control over their data movement infrastructure while still benefiting from Airbyte's powerful features. Additionally, the Airbyte Open Source product is widely utilized by a community of over 40,000 organizations, from startups to large enterprises, underlining its versatility and broad appeal. Airbyte's capability extends beyond simple data transfer, offering features like automated schema migrations, efficient change data capture (CDC), and extensive data transformation options. This is complemented by integrations with major data tools and platforms, ensuring that Airbyte can serve not only as a data integration tool but also as a critical component of a company's data infrastructure. The founders, Michel Tricot and John Lafleur, who bring extensive experience in engineering and product management from leading tech companies, launched Airbyte in response to the growing need for a scalable and flexible data integration solution. Under their leadership, Airbyte has not only scaled its user base but also fostered a vibrant community of developers who contribute to its expansive suite of connectors and continuous product enhancements. Airbyte's impact is reflected in its extensive adoption and the establishment of a global community, which collaborates on the platform's continuous development. Its commitment to an open-source philosophy ensures that it remains at the forefront of innovation, providing a reliable and scalable solution that adapts to the evolving data landscape.

Management Team

Michel Tricot CEO and Co-Founder
John Lafleur COO and Co-Founder
Charles Giardina Director of Engineering
Gil Cho Director of IT
Otta Yeung Head of Finance

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