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Agility Robotics specializes in creating advanced humanoid robots, integrating artificial intelligence to perform complex tasks in logistics and manufacturing environments. Their flagship products include the Digit and Agility Arc robots, which are designed to handle various physical jobs traditionally performed by humans.

Founded: 2015

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Founded with a vision to revolutionize workforce dynamics, Agility Robotics is at the forefront of deploying humanoid robots across various industries including logistics, retail, and manufacturing. With its headquarters based in the United States, the company has quickly distinguished itself as a leader in robotic innovations designed to work alongside human workers, enhancing efficiency and safety. The key products from Agility Robotics, the Digit and the Agility Arc, are humanoid robots equipped with advanced AI capabilities. Digit is known for its versatility and ability to navigate complex environments, making it particularly useful in warehouses and distribution centers. Agility Arc, on the other hand, is tailored for tasks requiring more significant interaction and collaboration in industrial settings. The company's inception traces back to a team of robotics experts who aimed to solve the practical challenges of automated systems in workplaces that still rely heavily on human labor. Their approach focuses not only on automating routine tasks but also on creating robots that can adapt to various operational needs, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows. Leadership at Agility Robotics includes seasoned professionals from robotics, engineering, and business domains, ensuring a rich blend of expertise guiding the company's strategic direction. Their collective experience has propelled the company into numerous partnerships with major logistic and e-commerce firms, leveraging humanoid robotics technology to innovate traditional supply chain operations. Agility Robotics also emphasizes sustainability and efficiency, promoting the use of their robots to support environments where labor shortages persist or where human workers would face hazardous conditions. Their technological solutions are designed to be scalable, catering to businesses of all sizes looking to enhance their operational capabilities with robotics technology. This strategic vision not only highlights their commitment to innovation but also to providing solutions that are adaptable and future-proof, aligning with industry trends and demands.

Management Team

Damion Shelton, PhD CEO
Jonathan Hurst, PhD CTO
Renuka Ayer CFO
Rich Bohne Chief Commercial Officer

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