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AgBiome, located in Research Triangle Park, NC, utilizes cutting-edge microbial technology to create innovative crop protection products. By leveraging its proprietary GENESIS™ platform, AgBiome discovers and develops solutions such as Howler® and Theia® fungicides, enhancing agricultural productivity and sustainability.

Founded: 2012

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AgBiome Company Overview

AgBiome, a leading agricultural biotechnology company, was founded by a team of experienced scientists dedicated to revolutionizing agriculture through microbial solutions. AgBiome’s proprietary GENESIS™ platform enables the discovery and development of beneficial microbes, which are then utilized to create advanced crop protection products. AgBiome’s flagship products include Howler® Fungicide and Theia® Fungicide. Howler® is a broad-spectrum fungicide providing preventative and curative control of a wide range of fungal diseases in crops. Theia® Fungicide targets specific plant diseases, offering effective and sustainable protection. These products are designed to improve crop yields while reducing the reliance on chemical pesticides. AgBiome operates with a strong commitment to sustainability, as demonstrated by its status as a Certified B Corporation. This certification reflects the company's dedication to balancing profit with purpose, ensuring that its business practices benefit the environment, society, and the economy. The leadership team at AgBiome includes experts in microbiology, agriculture, and business, all working together to drive innovation and sustainability in agriculture. By harnessing the natural diversity of microbial life, AgBiome aims to address global challenges in food security, human and animal health, and environmental sustainability. The company’s ongoing research and development efforts are focused on expanding its product portfolio and enhancing the efficacy of its existing solutions, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and productive agricultural sector.

Management Team

Scott Uknes Co-CEO
Eric Ward Co-CEO
Rick Bartschi CTO
Gerald Coward CFO
Adam Burnhams Chief Commercial Officer
Tracy Raines Chief Innovation Officer

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