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Afresh Technologies offers AI-driven solutions for grocery retailers to optimize fresh food inventory management. Leveraging advanced machine learning, Afresh helps grocers reduce waste, increase sales, and enhance operational efficiency. The company's platform provides accurate demand forecasts and streamlines ordering processes, resulting in fresher products for customers and significant cost savings. By addressing the unique challenges of fresh food retailing, Afresh enables retailers to meet consumer demand for high-quality foods while achieving sustainability goals.

Founded: 2017

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Afresh Company Overview

Afresh Technologies focuses on providing AI-driven solutions to enhance fresh food inventory management for grocery retailers. The company's innovative platform utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to deliver accurate demand forecasts and streamline ordering processes. This technology addresses the unique challenges associated with fresh food retailing, such as variable demand and perishable inventory. By leveraging Afresh's solutions, retailers can significantly reduce food waste, minimize stockouts, and improve overall operational efficiency. The platform’s benefits include notable increases in sales, a high adherence rate to recommended practices, and a substantial reduction in shrinkage. This translates into significant cost savings and longer shelf life for fresh products. Afresh's mission goes beyond operational improvements; it is also committed to sustainability. The company's efforts contribute to reducing food waste, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and conserving water. These environmental benefits align with the growing consumer demand for sustainable and responsibly sourced products. The leadership team at Afresh brings a wealth of experience from both the technology and grocery retail sectors, driving innovation and ensuring the solutions are tailored to the industry’s needs. By partnering with various grocery retailers, Afresh has demonstrated its capability to transform the fresh food sector, ensuring that retailers can meet the increasing consumer demand for fresh, high-quality foods while achieving their business and environmental objectives. Afresh's impact on the grocery retail industry is evident through its ability to enhance inventory management, improve product freshness, and promote sustainability. The company continues to develop and refine its solutions, positioning itself as a leader in the intersection of technology and fresh food retailing. Through its advanced AI-driven platform, Afresh empowers retailers to optimize their fresh food operations and contribute positively to the environment.

Management Team

Matt Schwartz Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Nathan Fenner Co-Founder, President
Dan Charette Chief Revenue Officer
Lyndall Schreiner VP, Chief of Staff

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Afresh launches AI-powered fresh inventory management solution

Afresh Technologies has announced the launch of its inventory management solution. The Afresh platform transforms ordering and inventory management across grocers' fresh departments with solutions purpose-built for the complexities of fresh food.

Albertsons Rolls Out Afresh’s AI-Powered Solution Chainwide; Susan Morris and Maria Latushkin Detail

Fresh produce is a fickle beast; our industry grows fresh produce to be at the perfect ripeness and flavor, and the freshness clock literally starts ticking the second it’s taken off the stem or pulled from the ground. To ensure quality and freshness, solutions providers like Afresh have provided products to strengthen the entire supply chain, all the way through to that retail shelf.

Afresh's Nathan Fenner Discusses Produce Benefits to Deli Expansion

An artificial intelligence platform designed specifically to help retailers optimize fresh food management through intelligent recommendations and streamlined ordering and inventory workflows, Afresh offers a technology platform that is purpose-built for fresh rather than adapted to it like some legacy systems.

Afresh expands into meat, seafood, deli, and foodservice

Afresh announced the expansion of its flagship built-for-fresh solution from produce into other fresh departments including meat, seafood, deli, and foodservice to start.

SpartanNash to use Afresh artificial intelligence for 10 Family Fare supermarkets

SpartanNash has partnered with Afresh Technologies to pilot the Afresh platform, an artificial intelligence-powered predictive ordering and inventory management solution, at 10 of its own Family Fare grocery stores in the Grand Rapids, Mich., area.