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Addepar is a premier technology and data platform specializing in investment management solutions. It streamlines complex portfolio management for wealth managers, family offices, and private banks globally. Through its sophisticated platform, Addepar offers tools for data aggregation, analysis, and reporting, enhancing financial advisors' ability to manage assets efficiently and make informed decisions.

Founded: 2009

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Founded by Joe Lonsdale and a team of financial experts and technologists, Addepar aims to modernize the field of investment management through advanced technology and comprehensive data analytics. This Silicon Valley-based company provides a multi-product software platform designed to handle even the most intricate investment portfolios. Managing over $5 trillion in assets, Addepar supports more than 1,000 leading financial firms across 40+ markets worldwide. Addepar's platform excels in data integration, offering features like portfolio trading and rebalancing, scenario modeling, and forecasting. It facilitates detailed asset allocation modeling, including for illiquid assets, and enables advisors to perform complex scenario analyses to forecast potential investment outcomes under various market conditions. Additionally, the platform simplifies the fee calculation and billing processes, improving operational efficiency for financial institutions. The company's commitment to innovation is also evident in its community and educational initiatives, including the Addepar Academy and developer resources, which foster a collaborative ecosystem for continuous improvement in financial management practices. With a focus on delivering both technological solutions and actionable insights, Addepar is uniquely positioned to meet the evolving needs of the finance industry, making it an attractive prospect for investors looking for robust investment management tools.

Management Team

Eric Poirier CEO
Stephen Snyder CFO
Joe Lonsdale Founder and Executive Chairman
Will Gregorian Chief Information and Security Officer
David Lessing CRO
Don Nilsson CPO
Natalie Sunderland CMO

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