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ActiveFence specializes in comprehensive Trust & Safety solutions aimed at protecting online platforms and their users from a wide spectrum of harmful content and malicious activities. Leveraging advanced AI and machine learning technologies, ActiveFence offers real-time content moderation, threat intelligence, and regulatory compliance tools to ensure a secure online environment for various industries.

Founded: 2018

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Founded to tackle the complexities of online security, ActiveFence is at the forefront of the Trust & Safety industry, providing advanced solutions to protect online platforms and their users from harmful content and malicious activities. The company develops tools that facilitate real-time content moderation, threat intelligence, and regulatory compliance, ensuring a secure and safe online environment across various sectors including social media, gaming, and e-commerce. ActiveFence's flagship products include ActiveOS, a comprehensive platform that simplifies the management of Trust & Safety operations through a no-code approach, and ActiveScore, an AI-powered tool that boosts the precision of abuse detection across multiple areas such as misinformation, cyber threats, and other online abuses. These products are supported by robust AI and machine learning technologies capable of analyzing and processing millions of data points daily to identify potential threats effectively. Additionally, ActiveFence offers services tailored to real-time video moderation, AI-driven safety measures, and enhanced cybersecurity, all designed to maintain high standards of user protection and platform integrity. The company's solutions support content moderation in over 100 languages, making it a versatile partner for global platforms. ActiveFence is committed to continuous innovation in the Trust & Safety domain, reflecting in its proactive approaches to threat detection and prevention. With a dedicated focus on creating safer digital spaces, ActiveFence has become an essential ally for platforms aiming to uphold strong safety measures while adhering to international regulations. This commitment positions ActiveFence as a crucial player in the ongoing effort to enhance online safety and trust.

Management Team

Noam Schwartz Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Board Member
Lotan Levkowitz Co-Founder & General Partner

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