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Abnormal Security specializes in AI-driven email security, offering protection against phishing, social engineering, and account takeovers. Their platform is trusted by a significant portion of the Fortune 500, focusing on behavioral analysis and AI to detect and counteract advanced email threats. They provide a comprehensive solution that secures email communications across various cloud platforms, enhancing both security and productivity for organizations.

Abnormal Security Company Overview

Abnormal Security, founded with a mission to harness artificial intelligence for cybersecurity, has positioned itself as a leader in protecting organizational email systems. Their core offering is an AI-driven platform designed to safeguard against the sophisticated tactics used in phishing, social engineering, and account takeovers. These threats exploit human vulnerabilities, making traditional security measures less effective against them. The company's approach is rooted in behavioral analysis, utilizing machine learning to analyze patterns in email communication and flag potential threats. This methodology not only improves over time as it learns from new data, but it also provides a proactive defense mechanism that adapts to evolving attack strategies. Abnormal Security's platform integrates seamlessly with existing email systems, enhancing its appeal to enterprises looking for efficient and effective security solutions. A significant aspect of Abnormal Security’s appeal is its API-based architecture, which allows for integration with various cloud-based services, thereby providing uniform protection across different platforms. This is critical as businesses increasingly move their operations to the cloud, expanding the potential attack surface. The platform's capabilities extend beyond just threat detection; it also offers features for automated threat response and system-wide security posture enhancements, which are crucial for maintaining continuous protection. The effectiveness of Abnormal Security's products is widely acknowledged by numerous top companies across various industries. These organizations rely on Abnormal for its cutting-edge technology that combines deep learning, computer vision, and natural language processing to understand and preempt threats. Their system's ability to provide a multi-dimensional defense strategy encompasses not only email but also other messaging platforms, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Abnormal Security also emphasizes the importance of minimizing operational overhead for its clients. It achieves this through features like automated attack remediation and real-time breach prevention, which not only secure but also streamline security operations. The company's focus on creating a user-friendly and effective security platform has garnered significant praise and trust within the industry, establishing it as a critical player in the email security space.

Management Team

Evan Reiser Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Board Member
Sanjay Jeyakumar Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer, Head of Research & Development and Board Member
Rami Habal Chief Product Officer and Chief Customer Officer
Doug Laird Chief Marketing Officer

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