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ABL Space Systems is a prominent aerospace company specializing in cost-effective and flexible satellite launch solutions. Their primary offerings, the RS1 launch vehicle and GS0 ground system, enable efficient and responsive satellite deployments. ABL focuses on innovation through technology like additively manufactured engines, providing rapid, reliable access to space at competitive costs.

ABL Space Systems Company Overview

Founded with a mission to democratize access to space, ABL Space Systems has established itself as a leader in the aerospace industry through its development of the RS1 launch vehicle and GS0 ground system. The RS1 is designed for the efficient transport of payloads up to 1,350 kg to low Earth orbit (LEO), featuring a no-nonsense approach that emphasizes reliability and regularity. Its counterpart, the GS0, is a fully containerized ground system that can be deployed globally on short notice, facilitating orbital launches from any flat pad around the world. ABL Space Systems is also noted for its innovative approach to propulsion technology. Their E2 engines, produced entirely in-house, are additively manufactured and optimized for rapid assembly and scalability. This technological edge enhances their ability to meet diverse client needs with minimal lead time and lower costs. The company’s philosophy of doing more with less extends beyond their technological innovations to their business model, which emphasizes essential services to keep overall costs low for clients. This approach has attracted attention from various sectors, including selections by Space Systems Command for tactically responsive launch demonstrations, highlighting their strategic importance to national and commercial interests in space. ABL’s leadership team brings together expertise from across the aerospace sector, driving forward its vision with a focus on sustainability and strategic growth in the global space economy. Their commitment to providing adaptable and efficient launch solutions continues to set them apart as a key player in the space industry.

Management Team

Harry O’Hanley Co-Founder and CEO
Dan Piemont Co-Founder, President, and CFO

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