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6sense is a leading provider of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) solutions, utilizing advanced AI technologies to enhance revenue operations across marketing and sales teams. Their platform, 6sense Revenue AI, focuses on uncovering anonymous buying behaviors, providing predictive analytics, and offering comprehensive intent data to streamline customer engagements and drive sales growth effectively.

Founded: 2013

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6sense Company Overview

Founded with a vision to revolutionize B2B engagements, 6sense offers a sophisticated ABM platform powered by what they call Revenue AI. The platform is designed to align marketing and sales efforts by identifying and targeting key accounts more accurately and at scale. Key features include advanced predictive analytics that forecast buying stages and intent data that signals buyer interests and timing. The core capabilities of 6sense involve enriching account data, optimizing customer interactions through AI-driven insights, and enhancing lead management processes with automated data enrichment. These features help businesses target and engage potential buyers more effectively, reducing the guesswork in marketing and sales campaigns. 6sense also provides a variety of tools for audience building, advertising, and conversational email marketing, making it a comprehensive solution for companies looking to improve their go-to-market strategies and increase pipeline conversion rates. The platform is trusted by many leading B2B companies who seek to gain a competitive edge by leveraging deep market insights and actionable intelligence. Overall, 6sense’s approach integrates seamlessly with existing CRM and marketing automation tools, ensuring that sales and marketing teams have the data they need to drive decisions and close deals faster. The company emphasizes a data-driven strategy that supports a dynamic and responsive approach to B2B marketing and sales challenges.

Management Team

Jason Zintak CEO
Robert Godlenberg CFO
Viral Bajaria Co-founder and CTO
Sanjay Kini CCO (Chief Customer Officer)
Bryan Wise Chief Information Officer
Terese Lam CPO (Chief People Officer)
Latané Conant Chief Market Officer

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