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15Five is a performance management software company that leverages modern technology to enhance employee engagement, performance, and retention across various organizations. Their platform includes a suite of tools designed to improve manager effectiveness, drive employee engagement, and optimize performance through continuous feedback and strategic HR functions.

Founded: 2011

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15Five Company Overview

Founded with the mission to create highly engaged and high-performing organizations through robust performance management solutions, 15Five offers a comprehensive software platform that addresses multiple facets of employee management and development. The company's name, 15Five, is derived from the idea that a manager should spend 15 minutes reviewing a report written by an employee in five minutes, emphasizing efficient and effective communication. 15Five's product suite is built around core areas such as performance reviews, engagement surveys, and manager effectiveness tools. Their performance management tools are designed to facilitate continuous feedback, goal setting, and progress tracking, which are integrated into regular workflows to help managers and teams stay aligned and focused. The engagement tools include customizable surveys that provide insights into team morale and employee satisfaction, enabling companies to address issues proactively. A key feature of 15Five's offerings is the use of AI and data analytics to provide actionable insights and predictive analytics, helping leaders make informed decisions that drive organizational success. Their platform also includes features for learning and development, particularly for upskilling managers, which is essential for adapting to the evolving demands of leadership in dynamic business environments. The company has gained significant traction in the market, as evidenced by its broad adoption across thousands of organizations globally. This success is supported by positive customer feedback and case studies that highlight measurable improvements in employee satisfaction and reduced turnover rates. 15Five continues to innovate, recently introducing features like Spark AI, an AI assistant that aids in various HR tasks, and an HRIS connector that integrates with existing human resource information systems, ensuring seamless data flow and enhanced functionality. Through its integrated platform, 15Five aims to transform traditional performance management into a strategic, data-driven practice that not only measures but also significantly enhances employee performance and organizational health. Their approach is tailored to meet the modern needs of dynamic and forward-thinking organizations looking to invest in their most critical asset—their people.

Management Team

David Hassell Co-Founder, CEO
Jim Morrisroe COO
Sayle Hutchison CFO
Nazar Ivaniv Co-Founder, CTO
Erik Verbeek Chief Customer Officer
Julia Stead CMO
Lou Ciniglia CRO

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